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The Coming Silence (a film)

The Coming Silence is a film based on the live site-adaptive performance installation, The Coming Silence. The film will be released in June 2022.

The Coming Silence is a site-based performance installation that highlights humanity’s ethical dilemmas in the Anthropocene. Created with support from Canada Council for the Arts, The Coming Silence examines the concept of extinction, whether through viral, climatic or ecological means, by focusing on the taxidermied reality of the natural history museum. With startling stillnesses and a roving audience (camera), the work captures the dancers, asking if humans could be the next species to populate the museum display case.

A creation of kloetzel&co., The Coming Silence includes direction/choreography by Melanie Kloetzel with cinematography by Linnea Swan and poetry by A.E. Stallings. Performers for the work include Kaili Che, Shondra Cromwell-Krywulak, Hannah Isbister, Megan Koch, Alyssa Maturino, Meghann Michalsky, Sarah Mitchell, Camille Mori, Maggie Myles, Rufi Oswaldo, Taylor Ritchie, and Reese Wilson.