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The Sanitastics

kloetzel&co. released the humorous sci-fi dance film, The Sanitastics, in 2011. Set in the Calgary Skywalk system, hygienic superheroes scour the system removing any oddities, invasive species, and problematic beings. With fantastic creatures and virtuosic feats, The Sanitastics offers an electrifyingly contradictory site-specific adventure in a corporate landscape. A collaboration with Jeff Curtis, with support from the Centre for Research in the Fine Arts.

Presented by:
Essential Dance Films, TenduTV, 2012-2013
Sans Souci Festival of Dance on Tour, TX, 2013
Third Coast Dance Film Festival on Tour, PA, 2012
Gallery of Alberta Media Artist, EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts, Calgary, AB, 2011-12 (3-month run)
Sao Carlos Videodance Festival, Brazil, 2011
Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Uruguay, 2011
Oklahoma Dance Film Festival, OK, 2011
Third Coast Dance Film Festival, TX, 2011
Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, CO, 2011