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Room (a film)

Room, an environmental dance film by kloetzel&co., examines the themes of ecological precarity and adaptation in the Anthropocene. Based on the live site-adaptive performance work, Room, and filmed on site in Glasgow, UK and Calgary, Canada, the film uses close-ups of physical interactions with a diversity of sites and quick cuts between sites to display the human body as both inherently mobile but also fixed in place, unable to escape the vagaries of environmental transformation.

Created by Melanie Kloetzel, in collaboration with set designer Fergus Dunnet and cinematographer Chantal Wall, Room weighs the limits and possibilities of human efforts to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Winner of a 2019 ‘Creativity Award’ from A Show for a Change film festival, and one of only ten films selected for spudFILM: Wasted – An Environmental Film Fest in the UK, Room has also been selected for Seattle’s Virtual Cinema Festival and as a special feature for the Equinox Mountain Film Festival in Manchester, Vermont.