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MEN in charge

MEN in charge is a film that explores the creation and presentation of the live performance work, It began with watching. In doc(mock)umentary form, MEN in charge depicts how kloetzel&co. was able to create a brutally humorous take on gender and/in the U.S. political landscape as ‘alternative facts’ and outlandish acts took centre stage. Co-created with the cinematographer and director Linnea Swan, MEN in charge offers an entertaining and honest portrait of a sector enthralled with power. 

Subscribe to the kloetzel&co. YouTube channel to see all three episodic trailers. Two sneak previews of the film were presented by Wild Dogs international Screendance Festival and through ReLoCate’s The Experiment #4 series.

Since its release on January 20, 2021 (U.S. Inauguration Day), MEN in charge has  been selected for presentation through the Toronto International Women Film Festival, Spring Grove International Film Festival (MN), the ARTS x SDGs Festival (NY), the LA Independent Women Film Awards, the New York City IO Film Festival, Freedom Festival International (SC), and the Festival of Genders and Performances (Portugal). Watch for upcoming screenings at the dance:made in canada festival (Toronto in September 2021), Reading Film Fest (Reading, PA in October 2021), Moving Parts Film Festival (Los Angeles in October 2021) and Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema (Boulder, CO in October 2021).  MEN in charge has received a BEST DOCUMENTARY award from the Mabig Film Festival in Germany, a Best Female Short award from the Freedom Festival International, as well as an Honorable Mention in the Documentary Short category.

The film is based on the work It began with watching that toured to over ten theatre spaces and alternative sites in Canada between 2016-20.