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Just Breathe, Okâwîmâwaskiy

Just Breathe, Okâwîmâwaskiy offers audiences an immersive journey into and out of climate anxiety. Questioning our cultural response to such anxiety, the presentation/tour involves escorting small groups of audience members on an excursion of hope, deceit, folly, serenity and maybe even fear. As they handle the challenges of migration and disaster, audiences consider alternatives to a shocking fate, including what possibilities might lie in Indigenous worldviews. Just Breathe, Okâwîmâwaskiy is a collaboration between Cree artist Sandra Lamouche and settler artist Melanie Kloetzel with kloetzel&co.

Just Breathe, Okâwîmâwaskiy premiered as part of the Professional Series at the University of Calgary in January 2023.