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Icarus Refried

Commissioned in 2011 by the Horizons Concert Series in Flagstaff, AZ, kloetzel&co. in collaboration with clarinetist John Masserini created the evening-length Icarus Refried, a follow-up to the popular Icarus Fried. In this new version, the humorous tension of Kloetzel and Masserini’s on-stage repartee – fused with the compositions of Joan Tower, Olivier Messiaen, and Robert Cogan, as well as with poetry by Muriel Rukeyser, sculpture by Ben Alexander, and visual poetry by Derek Beaulieu – created an evening of upended myths and ironic invention. A documentary of this process, Icarus Refried: A Pro-Creative Process, was created by filmmaker Kurt Lancaster.

An excerpt from the evening called Fierce Indulgence went on to enjoy performances in Philadelphia as part of the Congress on Research in Dance conference.