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Icarus Fried (the evening)

Presented by the Dance@Night series, Icarus Fried joined kloetzel&co. and clarinetist John Masserini in an evening-length work of wit, irony, and surprising beauty. Kloetzel’s choreography of desperate extensions, flippant gestures, and impatient waiting joins with Jeff Curtis’ tongue-in-cheek film collage, Kristin Smith’s delicate sculptural creations, Derek Beaulieu’s visual poetry, and Masserini’s athletic clarinetistry for a fresh look at gender roles, representation, and social expectations.

The signature work of the evening, Icarus Fried, also enjoyed performances at On the Boards as part of the Northwest New Works Festival, as well as at the Collision Symposium at the University of Victoria. The work offers a postmodern take on the modern obsession with climax, joining live clarinet and movement to toy with the influence of the aural over the visual aesthetic.