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Landscape in Motion

Landscape in Motion (LIM) is an interdisciplinary project that brings together landscape architect Enrica Dall’Ara and site-specific choreographer Melanie Kloetzel/kloetzel&co., with a research team of graduate and undergraduate students from the University of Calgary.

Through a three-year site-specific analysis of the neighbourhoods of Inglewood and Ramsay in Moh’kinsstis/Calgary, the project seeks to create an innovative methodology that informs both design and dance creation processes in urban settings.

Crafted in dialogue with a landscape that is undergoing massive urban redevelopment, the project aims to respect the larger scale of the neighbourhood alongside the smaller scale of the human body.

A key output of the LIM project involves the interdisciplinary production of ‘score-maps’, which offer information regarding a movement’s placement on site, a mover’s positionality and the quality and actions generated on site. A second output involves the creation of a series of dance films that focus on individual ‘microsites’ and, when collected, offer a sense of the ‘life in the landscape’ to inform landscape design processes.