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Through residencies at Southside Studios with Team Effort as well as The Work Room (Tramway) in Glasgow, kloetzel&co. created a site-adaptive solo work that explores climate change, human arrogance, and adaptation. The work has been performed at various venues across the UK, in Canada, and in the U.S. from 2014-17, including at The House at the University of Plymouth, through the IF series with TeamEffort in Glasgow, at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, and through the CanDance Network’s REMIX series at Spazio Performativo. Through a REMIX residency, the work also inspired a ‘remixed’ solo that responded to Room; this solo was created by Newfoundland’s Sarah Joy Stoker for Kloetzel and was performed at Spazio Performativo in Edmonton.

Room has also now inspired a a site-adaptive film that received a ‘Creativity Award’ from A Show for a Change Festival. For more information, see Room (a film) in the On Screen section of this website.

Set by Fergus Dunnet, voiceover by Suzanna Ferguson, video by Suzanna Ferguson, Chantal Wall, and Rose Ruane.