kloetzel&co | kloetzel&co. The Alice Odyssey an excerpt
kloetzel&co. with Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre presented an excerpt of The Alice Odyssey as part of Dusk Dances.
kloetzel&co. The Alice Odyssey Dusk Dances
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The Alice Odyssey (an excerpt)

kloetzel&co. and Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre presented an excerpt from The Alice Odyssey crafted for beautiful Withrow Park in Toronto, ON as part of the highly popular Dusk Dances. The work ran for six nights to crowds of 500-1,500 people per night and was called “well crafted and beautifully executed” in a review in Mooney on Theatre.


To hear an interview about this performance on EVIDance Radio on Toronto’s CUIT, visit http://www.evidanceradio.com/home/podcasts/2013/saturday-july-27-2013 and forward to 5:20.

Dusk Dances, Withrow Park, Toronto, ON




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