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Rooms by kloetzel&co. at containR Art Park in 2015
Rooms by kloetzel&co. containR Art Park
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Rooms is a site-adaptive, performance installation that addresses adaptation in the face of climate change. Through a dance theatre performance that takes place inside constructed ‘rooms’, the work exposes both the limits and the possibilities in our efforts to adapt to a rapidly changing world.


kloetzel&co. premiered Rooms through ArtCOP21, the first global climate art festival performed in association with the Paris climate talks in December 2015. In alliance with ArtCOP21, CCAN, and Avaaz, Rooms acted as the preface to the Global Climate Rally in Calgary on November 29th at 2 pm in Royal Sunalta Park.  For more information on Rooms as part of ArtCOP21, see http://www.artcop21.com/events/rooms-a-performance-installation/


Rooms has also enjoyed an Edmonton premiere as a co-production of The Works Art & Design Festival and the Feats Festival of Dance on July 1-3, 2016. It was performed in Winston Churchill Square as well as at the Southside Farmer’s Market. A work-in-progress of Rooms was also presented at containR Art Park on September 5 & 6, 2015 by the School of Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Calgary and Springboard Performance.


Rooms develops out of series of workshops where the performers come together to build both the individual ‘rooms’ in which they will perform as well as the dance theatre performance itself. Fergus Dunnet, a visual artist and maker from Scotland, and Melanie Kloetzel, director of the Canadian dance theatre company kloetzel&co., developed this workshop in Scotland from a solo version, Room, that Kloetzel performed at various sites across the UK.

Royal Sunalta Park and containR Art Park, Calgary, AB




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