kloetzel&co | kloetzel&co. Pilgrimage
kloetzel&co. presented Pilgrimage, based on Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, at the Pumphouse Theatres and as part of ProSeries 2014.
kloetzel&co. Pilgrimage
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CrossCurrents dance productions commissioned Melanie Kloetzel as a guest artist to create a new group work for performance at the Pumphouse Theatres in Calgary. The resulting work, Pilgrimage, draws from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales as well as from the contentious strains of Bela Bartók’s Sonata for Piano, Sz. 80 (88). It was presented in the premiere showcase performances of CrossCurrents, an evening of fusion forms and new works as well as through Split Screen, an evening of works by kloetzel&co. and Michele Moss presented by the Professional Series, University of Calgary.

CrossCurrents 2014, Pumphouse Theatres &
Professional Series, University of Calgary




On Stage