kloetzel&co | kloetzel&co. It's OK, no one's looking
kloetzel&co. performed an evening of collaborative works with John Masserini, Greg Nicholl, Geoffrey Friedley, and Mark Neiwirth.
kloetzel&co. It's OK, no one's looking multidisciplinary collaboration
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It’s OK, no one’s looking

kloetzel&co. in collaboration with clarinetist John Masserini, pianist Mark Neiwirth, tenor Geoffrey Friedley, poet Greg Nicholl, and filmmaker Jeff Curtis presented an evening-length gambol through multiple disciplines. Pairing kloetzel&co. with live avant garde twentieth century music, textual collage, and film work, It’s OK, no one’s looking┬átested the boundaries of collaboration and convention: dancers careen off 50s-style tables, singers fly through the air while vocalizing in varied tongues, and a clarinetist discovers pelvic flare as he works through frantic trilling. Live performances of John Cage’s chance creation “Aria”, Eric Mandat’s dramatic “Tricolor Capers,” Emma Lou Diemer’s “Tocata,” and Joan Tower’s “Wings”.

Bistline Theatre, Pocatello, ID




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