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It began with watching

The evening-length site-adaptive version of It began with watching premiered on June 27-29, 2017 at Edmonton City Hall and on June 30, 2017 at the Vignettes Building through The Works Art & Design Festival. Through blunt text and even blunter physicality performed on and around a boardroom table in the halls of governmental and corporate power, the work investigates that headlong dive to curtail basic rights in the name of ‘national interests’. As suited dancers cast about for words and gestures, seeking desperately to maintain their standing in a world that is slipping from their grasp, the work demonstrates just how easy political manipulation can be. A droplet of intelligence here, a hint of a shadowy figure, and we are all marionettes, putty in the puppet master’s hands. For more information about times and places, see http://www.theworks.ab.ca/exhibits2017/.


A work-in-progress site-adaptive version of It began with watching was presented at the 50th Anniversary Gala for the University of Calgary on April 29, 2016, International Dance Day. An invited performance for a fundraising event for donors and dignitaries of the University, It began with watching appeared in two glass-fronted boardrooms in the new LEED-certified EEEL building on the University of Calgary campus.

EEEL Building, University of Calgary




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