kloetzel&co | kloetzel&co. In Place: Dancing Through Downtown Riverside
kloetzel&co. presented In Place in downtown Riverside at the California Museum of Photography.
kloetzel&co. Riverside, CA site-specific performance CMP
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In Place: Dancing through Downtown Riverside

For In Place,¬†kloetzel&co. took audiences on a bizarrely physical and informative tour through downtown Riverside, CA and the California Museum of Photography. The evening’s five parts explored Riverside’s political, social, and architectural past and present through a tour of the Riverside promenade and the California Museum of Photography. As the audience rambled through the score of live music and dance, they experienced performers scampering up trees and spinning under the audience’s feet, the dark side¬†of homelessness in the land of suburbia, a witty critique on art and architectural history, and an uproarious auction of questionable art. Live music was provided by Jay Ammon and the Dumpster Orchestra.

California Museum of Photography, Riverside, CA




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