kloetzel&co | kloetzel&co. Caper
kloetzel&co. collaborated with John Masserni, Jeff Curtis, and Chalie Livingston for performances at On the Boards in Seattle.
kloetzel&co. Caper NWNW Festival
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kloetzel&co. presented Caper at the Northwest New Works Festival at On the Boards in Seattle.  Chalie Livingston and Jeff Curtis joined kloetzel&co. and John Masserini in a joyous romp with gumballs, splintering tables, witty film work, and Eric Mandat’s resolutely non-climactic score. Caper flirts with competition and perspective on a grand scale as music, dance, and film all combine in a bizarrely sexy circus world.

Northwest New Works Festival, On the Boards, Seattle, WA




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