kloetzel&co | kloetzel&co. Big Head Small Neck
kloetzel&co. in collaboration with Rose Ruane is currently in process on Big Head, Small Neck for upcoming performances in Glasgow, UK
kloetzel&co. Rose Ruane
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Big Head, Small Neck

Through a residency at The Work Room in Glasgow, kloetzel&co. in collaboration with UK writer/visual artist Rose Ruane began work in 2015 on Big Head/Small Neck, a work that explores the medical and social manipulations of gendered and transgendered bodies in the past two centuries. Based on portrayals of the ‘hysteric’ female body at the infamous 19th century Salpetrière Psychiatric Hospital as well as images of transgendered bodies from Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute of Sexuality, Big Head, Small Neck was commissioned for MainStage Dance 2016 at the University of Calgary and to be part of the Trans Trans exhibit that will take place in the Nickle Galleries in  June 2016. The exhibit and performance are one component of the Gender and Sexual Security Symposium that is part of the 2016 Canadian Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

University Theatre and the Nickle Galleries, Calgary, AB




On Stage